Advanced Irrigation Controller 0.20

Advanced Irrigation Controller 0.20


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AIC (Advanced Irrigation Controller) is a computer based control system that has been initially targeted towards controlling irrigation in small to medium size gardens. As the product matures and features are added it is expected to be a fully functional controller used in large scale implementations, green houses and glass houses. AIC platform's in-dependency means it can run on both Linux or Windows XP onwards .

AIC is able to control a large range of serial boards (as well as usb boards that present as serial devices). KMTronic's USB and Serial relay boards are selectable in the configuration menu, other boards can be setup by entering their control commands.

Although primarily designed for irrigation you can use AIC to control a large variety of hardware, for example lighting, heating etc

It is envisaged that future implementations of AIC will incorporate rules for more complex device control.

Systems: Linux, Mac, Windows

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